Brittany A. Monroe is a lifestyle brand that is rooted in creativity, sustainability, authenticity, and history. I want to inspire you to find beautiful pieces that you love while pursuing quality over quantity in your wardrobe and in your home. My goal is to show you that it is possible to live a lifestyle that intentionally discerns better products for the environment that favors aesthetics just the same. I hope being here encourages you to embrace your own vibrant and enduring style and helps you to approach it with a warm sense of nostalgia, a sweet touch of whimsy, and a keen eye for collecting what you love.

Meet the Author

I’ve always loved fashion and style and have enjoyed putting things together in a colorful and aesthetic way for as long as I can remember. After graduating college with a degree in English Literature (after switching from Fashion Marketing) and feeling disenchanted with my day job, I started my blog in 2012 as a creative outlet to combine my love of sharing outfits and writing. I used the name Lizzie & Jane for the two eldest sisters in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. As I’ve grown, my blog has evolved into more of a lifestyle destination where I now share everything from travel to interiors to style to clean beauty and motherhood in a, hopefully, relatable way.

I married my highschool sweetheart in 2010 and we live in the suburbs of Philadelphia in a small town with our daughter and son. We’ve been fixing up our 100 year old Colonial home, Rose James Cottage, since 2018 and we’re almost always in the middle of a home project.

Things I love in no particular order: anything green, pearls, hot coffee, being home, the sound of birds singing, the ocean, English gardens, mermaids, Christmas, books, early mornings, hydrangeas, long walks, seashells, fairy tales, road trips, warm chocolate chip cookies, fancy dresses, pajama days, the smell of lavender, ice cream, high summer, sunsets, candlelight,…