Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

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Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

It seems like everyone is saying this right now but I can’t believe it’s already March and spring and Easter are right around the corner. I know none of this is groundbreaking and we’ve all been doing this for years now but I always like to see what other people get for their kids to get new ideas for mine! When it comes to gifts, especially Easter baskets, I try to buy things that I would be buying anyway and just choose fun and colorful items. I got my kids these Hydroflask water bottles with a straw for Valentine’s Day and they loved them! Pajamas are always on our list of things we need and, now that we have the pool, I like to stock up on things like goggles and floats that I know they’ll want once it opens!

What I'm Putting in My Kids' Easter Baskets

I stopped buying traditional Easter candy a long time ago because I never let them eat it and it always went to waste! I try to buy them sweet snacks that I know they like instead like this Lesser Evil sugar cookie popcorn and these Yum Earth fruit snacks and maybe some chocolate covered pretzels or something. I do like to get them each something little but special (I still haven’t decided what that’s going to be yet this year) because they both have winter birthdays so it’s really the last “holiday” I get to give them gifts for a long time… also, I just really like gift-giving! Hopefully this post is helpful and gives you a new idea or two for your kids this year 🙂 

A few years ago, I started a tradition where my kids each get a new pair of Natives for Easter to wear all spring, summer, and fall! They wear these everywhere from school to the beach to Disney World! This is one of those things I’d be buying anyway but it’s more fun to attach it to a tradition. Also, they now have more sustainable shoe  options!

Again with the translating things they “need” into gifts. My kids are really into tennis right now and I think they’d really like these tennis bags to store their stuff but you could also go with a monogrammed toiletry case, beach bags, or even a mini backpack to store their non-school stuff that they want to carry around! 

Our art supplies and outdoor games are always in need of a refresh come spring so I try to add in things I know they’re going to use once it’s nicer outside. My kids still love jumping rope, sidewalk chalk, and even temporary tattoos and I don’t give them much candy so I’ll add those in as fillers instead. 

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