Everyday Jewelry Favorites

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Everyday Jewelry Favorites

Ariel Gordon birthstone necklace (old, new version), baby chain, earrings (not pictured), petite gold hoops (not pictured)

Growing up, my Grandmom would always let me try on her jewelry. She loved jewelry and had a really beautiful collection, a mix of fine jewelry and costume jewelry, and I loved to look through it with her. Every piece had a story and she treated each piece as if it were the most expensive piece she owned. She especially loved the pieces my Grandfather bought for her. To this day, I still admire her jewelry and so many pieces in my own collection make me think of her. So, naturally, I’m a big proponent of buying jewelry that has meaning, that makes you feel beautiful and special, and I really appreciate jewelry that you can wear everyday. I don’t like taking my jewelry off because I always forget to put it back on I don’t want to lose it so I keep my jewelry on all the time. It’s important to me that I can shower with my jewelry on, sleep in it, and that I can wear it with everything.

Christina Jervey custom ring, engagement ring & wedding band are old

I definitely have a few favorite pieces and brands that I’ve found along the way so I wanted to share them here at a few different price points… especially with the holidays coming up! Note: I don’t buy much costume jewelry so everything linked here is fine jewelry. If you’re shopping for someone special (mother, mother-in-law, etc.), I highly recommend going in on a beautiful piece of jewelry with other family members! It makes for a really meaningful gift and takes away that I-have-no-idea-what-to-get-because-they-have-everything problem!

Under $1000

Under $500

Under $200

About my Favorite Jewelry Brands:

Monica Vinader uses recycled materials and has received the Butterfly Mark certification for luxury brands that adhere to social and environmental best practices.

Quince is a sustainable and transparent brand that believes everyone should have affordable luxuries.

Ariel Gordon is a small business that makes beautiful jewelry in California meant to be worn daily.

Christina Jervey is a small, Charleston based brand that I love for her handmade, perfectly imperfect look.

Fewer Finer is a small jewelry brand that believes in curating a beautiful, specialized jewelry collection and also has a selection of vintage pieces.

Sincerely, Britt