Last Minute Gift Ideas Gift Guide

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Last Minute Gift Ideas Gift Guide

frame, beanie (for him), slippers (under $30 and SO cute!), throw (I have one of these and have bought as gifts- they’re SO soft!), half zip (LOVE all things Patagonia), eye gels (under $20!), beanie (for her), pop socket (Joe, if you’re reading this, pretty sure I need this in opal! It’s a good stocking stuffer…!), Fresh lip treatment (I have this in 3 colors & I LOVE them!), digital print (just ordered a print from this shop as a gift & it’s instantaneous! Just go and print at your convenience! Or on the way to your Secret Santa party! Also, at under $10, you can probably print & frame it for under $30!), Super You Supplements (for the health conscious girl in your life!), sweatshirt, cropped sweatpants (I like these because you can wear them year round. Also, I wear sweats or leggings almost every day & love this matching set!), speaker (Joe has this & LOVES it!)

Ok, so here’s my last minute gift guide! The items in the photo above are a combination of things that I (or Joe) have and love or items on my wish list that I want to try. Also, here’s a bunch of items sorted by category below for more last minute gift ideas!

And don’t forget to check out my tabs in my SHOP section at the top of the page! There’s still plenty of time to shop Amazon Prime and I just added a section with my Amazon favorite picks!

For kids:

Amelia also mentioned Vampirina’s Scare B&B if you have a 3-4 year old & want something a little more cost friendly (I think it’s under $60). Apparently scooters are also cool right now! Or even roller blades would be fun. And you can NEVER go wrong with a book! I get my kids a book & write a note in it for every holiday and important occasion. For stocking stuffers, I do crayons, paper, fun chapstick (Target had Disney princess ones), and maybe I’ll stuff a small toy in each. Hope this gives you some good ideas!

Leave me a comment here or send me a DM on Instagram if you want me to post a few more ideas (and what category of gift you need!)!

Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season so far and not going too crazy!

Sincerely, Britt