A Weekend in Savannah, GA

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A Weekend in Savannah, GA

We’ve been stopping in Savannah, GA, on our way to Orlando, FL, for three years now so I thought it was time to share a few things we’ve learned and loved along the way! We’ve been going around mid-August and while it’s HOT, we’ve found that the crowds seem to be a bit less, which is always nice when you’e traveling with kids! We try to spend time doing or seeing at least one thing of historical importance each visit and our kids really look forward to it! We’ve stayed at The Alida each time we’ve been in Savannah (there’s just something about going back to the same place year after year… especially with kids!) and we’ve really enjoyed it there. It’s located in the Plant Riverside District, has a pool and multiple restaurants at the hotel, offers room service, is less than a block from the Riverwalk, and is very walkable to the Historic District. We also really love that every room has a large (and cozy!) window seat!


1. The Owens-Thomas House

We visited the Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters on our first trip to Savannah and it was incredible. We took a self-guided audio tour and even the kids (they were 6 and 4 then) loved it! It was built in 1819 and is an example of the neoclassical styles popular in England during the Regency period. The tour focuses on “the art, architecture, and history of the home through the lens of slavery” (Telfair Museums, 2024). 

2. The Riverfront

The Riverfront is beautiful! There are so many places to eat and shop along the water and it’s just a really enjoyable walk. Fun fact: the stores are actually the first floor of old warehouses that used to serve the port of Savannah! There used to be little fountains in the Plant Riverside District that the kids loved to run through (pictured below) but they weren’t there last August when we went… hopefully they were just under maintenance!

3. Horse & Carriage Tour

On our second trip to Savannah, we took the kids on a historical carriage tour and loved it! Since our stays are usually quick, it was nice to be able to see so much in a short period of time. It’s also helpful if you want to get the lay of the land before walking around. We took our tour at dusk so it wasn’t as hot and we learned so much!

4. Room Service for Breakfast

Ok, if I’m being honest, this is a must for us on pretty much any trip and we rarely book a hotel that doesn’t offer room service! Ordering room service for breakfast at The Alida has become one of our favorite Savannah travel traditions (the Coconut Acai Bowl is delicious!). 

5. Forsyth Park

We took the Dot to Forsyth Park on our last trip to Savannah and it was really cool to see! Every time we’ve visited it’s been mid-August, though, and it was really hot. There is a big splash pad on the east side but we didn’t go in it. Needless to say, we didn’t explore it as much as we would have if it had been a bit cooler (it’s 30 acres!) but it’s definitely a must-see… even if just for a picture in front of the fountain!

6. Explore Historic Downtown

In 1733, General James Oglethorpe plotted Savannah’s layout in a grid pattern with open Squares every four blocks. There are 22 out of 24 left today and they’re considered the “crown jewels” of the city. There’s usually someone playing music and most serve as memorials of something. Walk down Factors Row and Factors Walk, just above River Street, full of old red brick buildings (pictured below) that used to be the commercial epicenter for Savannah’s cotton factors. Or pull out a map (and pull up Google) and look at all of the historical homes along your way!   

7. Ride the Dot

The Dot is a free trolley service that takes you all around the Historic District in Savannah. If you have kids, this is sure to be a big hit. My kids had fun just being on the trolley itself!

8. Get Gelato

Because it’s HOT! Especially if you go in the summer… our favorite place to get gelato is District Gelato and it’s right on the river in the Plant Riverside District. 

More Things to See & Do:

1. Old Fort Jackson
2. The Old Sorrel Weed House Museum & Tours
3. Bonaventure Cemetary
4. The Telfair Academy
5. The Pirates’ House
6. Wormsloe State Historic Site
7. First African Baptist Church

We consider the hotel we stay in to be a large part of the experience! We want to feel like we’re on vacation at all times and staying in a beautiful place in a convenient location plays a big role in that for us! There are a ton of places to stay in Savannah for every budget so this list by no means is the be all end all of lists, but I do hope you find it helpful. In any case, here are a few hotels we’ve looked at and have been impressed by over the years for your consideration. 


1. The Alida (Plant Riverside District)
2. Perry Lane Hotel (Historic District)
3. The Drayton (Historic District)
4. The Marshall House (Historic Inn)
5. River Street Inn (downtown Historic District)
6. Planter’s Inn (Historic District)
7. The Gastonian (B&B near Forsyth Park, adults only)


1. Did I mention that Savannah is hot?! Especially in the summer… we bring a backpack when we’re exploring and always make sure to have sunscreen on, extra sunscreen with us, hats, sunglasses, long sleeve shirts for if we go inside anywhere, and water bottles. 
2. Wear comfortable shoes. It’s an old city and there’s still cobblestone in some places. Also, you’ll do a ton of walking so comfort is key!
3. Plan a little downtime. It’s really nice to not have every second scheduled. Especially if you have kids and, also, if your hotel has a pool! The heat makes you more tired than you’d expect!
4. It’s driveable! If you enjoy road trips, we drive it from Philadelphia with a stop in Cary, NC, in between. It’s right off of I-95 which makes it a really easy stop for us on our way to Disney World!

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