Easy Morning Skincare Routine for Spring

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Easy Morning Skincare Routine for Spring

Now that the days are staying lighter longer and are starting to warm up, I’ve been able to ease up a bit on all the steps in my morning skincare routine. Some days I do a little more than others like adding in this brightening toner after cleansing or facial oil after moisturizing but lately, I’ve been sticking to a slightly shorter regimen and I’ve been really enjoying it. It’s all clean beauty, as usual, and with the exception of the new-to-me water cream, I’ve been using the other products for a very long time now and can truly speak to their results. This is typically all I wear on an everyday basis with the addition of a tinted lip balm. I’ve really loved the feeling of going makeup-free except for special occasions and these skincare products helped me feel more confident in doing that!

My Easy Morning Skincare Routine for Spring

Clean Beauty Edition

Technically, this is only step 1 after cleansing but it’s step 1 for the purpose of this post… I’ve been using this eye cream daily for almost a year now and I love how it instantly makes me look more awake. It’s thick and creamy yet goes on so nice and doesn’t leave a residue. The squalane locks in moisture while the marine algae complex reduces fine lines and the paracress extract smooths and firms skin.  

I’ve been using this All Bright C Serum for almost 4 years and it is one product from which I’ve never strayed. I use it pretty religiously every morning and it’s considerably brightened and evened out my skin tone. The Vitamin C blend reduces the appearance of dark spots, brightens skin, and helps support your skin’s natural collagen production. The turmeric and camu camu also provide additional antioxidants to nourish and protect your skin!  

This ceramide water cream is new to me and I’ve been loving it so far. It has a light yet delicious fruity-floral scent and feel so luxurious when you’re putting it on your skin. Ceramide helps to lift and plump skin while the hyaluronic acid provide intensive hydration and also helps to decrease the appearance of wrinkles.  

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