Nautical Notions

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Nautical Notions

When I think about nautical style, more than just the obvious stripes come to mind. I think of bold colors in varying shades of blue, red, yellow, and green and almost always contrasted by a stark white. Hard working and natural fabrics like cotton, canvas, and linen are high on the list, too. I like to add in natural materials like woven leather or raffia accessories, like this leather & raffia crossbody, to soften the look a bit. Look for details like scallops and ruffles and cropped or more fitted silhouettes to make your nautical look feel a little more feminine. This is certainly a year-round style but it does feel especially fitting in the spring and summer months. 

Vests are in right now and I like the idea of keeping it classic with a navy and white stripe so it doesn’t feel too trendy. The chic silhouette, gold buttons, and nautical colors make it feel at home for a day by the water. 

Nothing is more quintessentially nautical than stripes and I love the fresh take of the pink and red on this canvas tote. Use it for an everyday tote, a beach or pool bag, or even for travel. It’s a generous size and the bold colors make it perfect for the sunny months ahead.  

When I think about nautical style, I think casual and color. These bold green sneakers are sustainable, cute, and comfortable. Wear them with a white dress or this smocked light blue dress and a striped cardigan to layer on the sailor vibes for a low key brunch or dinner or jeans, a white tee, and this raffia striped tote for running errands.   

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