Holiday Gift Guide For Kids

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Holiday Gift Guide For Kids

helmet (comes with stickers to personalize!), Grogu hoodie, Lego DreamZzz set, bike bell, Grogu Cuddleez, remote control Kraken, art kit, paint kit, cozy one-piece, scooter

More gifts for boys:

helmet (comes with stickers to personalize!), Stitch Cuddleez, glitter pens, cozy one-piece, ILY doll, bike bell, gripper socks, makeup crayon, Lego Friends set

More gifts for girls:

Some other things I always buy:

Books: I have 2 book sets each for my kids this year, plus a few singles. In my opinion, you can’t have too many books and I think it’s important to foster their love of reading!

Something cozy: My kids love to snuggle and love a good cozy blanket or stuffed animal. This year, I got them each a Cuddleez pillow and the cozy one-piece in the collages.

Art supplies: I like to take this opportunity to stock up on all the fun art supplies we need. It’s an easy gift they love to get and also things that they’ll use and “need…” even if it’s just construction paper and new markers.

Board games: Our family has always loved playing games together and, now that they’re older, there are so many fun board games to play! I like to pick out a few (sometimes I keep a running list of ones we want or have seen throughout the year) and put them under the tree for everyone.

Clothes: This year I am buying them some clothes for Christmas. I try to make them feel a little more special than clothes they’d typically wear daily (I got them each a tennis tee from Vineyard Vines) and I’m buying them Bombas because they love them.

Full disclosure: I probably buy way too many gifts for Christmas but growing up, my Mom always made our Christmas morning feel special and, while our gifts weren’t always wrapped, she always made sure our “piles” were awe-inspiring. I happen to enjoy Christmas curating, shopping, and wrapping BUT please don’t feel like you need to subscribe to the same mentality. I just hope that some of these ideas are helpful to you if you’re still shopping for your littles! Also, something to note, toys are toys and any of these toys are perfect for boys and/or girls… these are really ideas of what I’m buying or would buy my kids… my son is 6 and my daughter is 8 and I think most of these items could work for ages 5-10+.

Sincerely, Britt