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I’m really excited to finally be launching! It’s been over 11 years since I started Lizzie & Jane and while it was perfect for a creative outlet, it was time to evolve into a brand that reflects who I am now. Welcome to the new site! Take a few minutes to explore and enjoy reading a chapter or two over a cup of coffee or tea. 

I want this site to be a resource for you to find style inspiration and a shoppable destination to find pieces that will help you build a beautiful and lasting wardrobe, to follow along on our journey as we update our 100 year old home and make it our own, to read about travel tips and road trips we’ve taken both with our two kids and without, and to discover clean beauty products you may not have known about otherwise. My goal is to show you that you can have an attainable, beautiful lifestyle aesthetic while keeping sustainability in mind. 

The Story of the Brand

The history of the logo

When thinking about what I wanted for the transition to Brittany A. Monroe, I really only knew that I wanted to include a nod to Lizzie & Jane and Pride & Prejudice. In a way, this brand has been becoming for years as my style has evolved from trendy to classic and I’ve developed a deeper interest in gardening, home interiors, clean beauty and ingredients, and sustainability. I’ve found that what I love most is creating and curating and I wanted this to be a place where my love of all of the detail oriented things could live. 

I worked with Sally of Rosalind Co. and we started with a mood board that felt very much like living inside the Keira Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice. Green is my favorite color so it is perfect for my main logo and the color scheme feels like a more sophisticated version of that of Lizzie & Jane. We were inspired by candlelight, chats over hot cups of coffee with friends, English gardens, walks by the sea, and, of course, the world of Jane Austen. I hope words like nostalgic, warm, lively, approachable, and whimsical come to mind when you visit here and that you are inspired to find beauty in the little things.

Sally and I were instant friends and I was (am) consistently impressed by how incredibly talented, intuitive, and kind she is. She was very quickly able to hone in on my true style and personality to create such a lovely and charming space that fully encapsulates everything I love. It feels serendipitous that we were able to work together and I feel so lucky to have connected with her. We initially were not going to have any kind of icon other than my name but Sally created this beautiful “B” icon with the ivy around it and it really resonated with both of us. Ivy is evergreen and symbolizes connection, feels classic and enduring, and is reminiscent of exactly what I hope to embody here.

What's New

And where to find it

Aside from the design, you’ll find a more user friendly site with two featured shoppable carousels on my homepage, searchable Chapters (what we’re calling blog posts) sorted by category, links to my Beautycounter shop and LTK at the top of the page, easy to navigate Shops also sorted by category (my LTK feed can be found at the top of the Shops page, too), a Directory housing all of my favorite stores and brands, and a featured post under Chapters where I’ll house what seems either most relevant, helpful, or popular. 

I hope you’ll find to be a resource for creating your own intentionally curated, enduring, yet vibrant lifestyle. I’m really proud to introduce you to this space and hope you’ll enjoy perusing the site as much as I’ve loved filling it. Thank you for being here and for following along on this journey with me!

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Sincerely, Britt